Make A Medicinal Tincture

23 FebMake A Medicinal Tincture

Medicinal Marijauna TinctureA tincture is a medicinal extract in an alcohol solution.  A plant is soaked in alcohol, extracting and preserving the resins and other soluble material from the plant. Cannabis tinctures are an excellent way to utilize the plant’s medicinal ingredients, and a perfect alternative for those who find smoking difficult. Until the 1920’s, Cannabis Indica tincture was available at your neighborhood pharmacy.

The advantages of tincture and extract preparations is their ease of dispensing, consumption, and rapid absorption. Within 15 minutes of dosing the effects of the tincture are noticeable, but while the tincture comes on fast it soon flattens out, unlike the sustained effects of cooked cannabis.  Heating the potion may also increase strength, so try adding to cooking recipes by concentrating the tincture into a syrup consistency if you feel like you need to get more out of your dosage.

Making a Cannabis Tincture

How to Make a Marijuana TinctureCannabis tincture works best with a 90% pure alcohol, such as Everclear. However, pure grain alcohol can be difficult to obtain depending on where you are located. If it’s unavailable at your local liquor store, try a duty-free shop. High-proof alcohol is highly flammable so use extreme caution when evaporating.

Start by completely drying the plant, then cut it up to facilitate extracting all of the medicinal qualities. Next you will soak the cannabis in the alcohol. The recommended minimum cannabis to alcohol ratio is one gram of bud per 35ml (one fluid ounce) of alcohol. We recommend starting with this ratio and adjusting according to your individual needs. The cannabis should then soak anywhere from 1 to 10 days, again we recommend starting at the low end and adjusting depending on your needs and the potency of a particular plant.

Storing Your Homemade TinctureAfter you’ve soaked the bud for the desired time, shake, strain and filter the plant material. A blue apothecary medicine bottle with dropper is suggested for storage of the tincture. This will protect the precious mixture from degradation by light and provide you with an easy way to dispense the solution. Keep the tincture in a cool, dark place and clearly mark the bottle. Cannabis preserved in ethanol has a long shelf life. Tincture medicines do not come with an expiry date.

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